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What cookies are and what they are used for

Cookies are actually small text files that websites save on your computer or mobile device when you visit and navigate the site.

Cookies come in many flavors. Essential cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Such cookies are activated by default and their use does not require your consent.

Preferences cookies improve your browsing experience by allowing the website to “remember” some of your preferences and actions, e.g. the language that you prefer, so that you don’t have to keep configuring them as you navigate from page to page or when you visit the website again.

Finally, Statistics and Marketing cookies are used by services that analyse traffic to websites and provide useful statistical and marketing information.

The use of Preferences, Statistics and Marketing cookies requires your prior consent.

If you wish to learn more about cookies, you may wish to watch the short video which is included in this page, or visit www.aboutcookies.org/cookie-faq/.

Cookie control tool for www.fygea.com

In order to help you control our use of cookies when you visit our website, we use the Cookiebot cookie control tool by Cybot.

By default, Cookiebot will only allow the use of Essential cookies. You can use it to configure your cookies preferences as you wish, and to optionally consent to our use of categories of cookies that require your consent, e.g. Preferences cookies.

Cookiebot initially appears when you first visit our website. You can subsequently access the tool, whenever you want, by pressing the Cookies button which is always available at the bottom of our web pages.

You may also control the use of cookies through the settings of your web browser. You may visit the official support web pages of your browser for specific instructions.

List of cookies used by our site

In order to review the list of the cookies our site uses, please access Cookiebot by pressing the Cookies button which is always visible at the bottom of our web pages.

From the Cookiebot menu, select ‘Show Details’ and subsequently ‘Cookie Declaration’.

The cookie declaration list displays the cookies used by our website, grouped into five categories: Essential, Preferences, Statistics, Marketing and Unclassified.

The information provided for each cookie is: Name (of cookie), Provider (name of the cookie Data Controller), Purpose and Expiry (of cookie).

YouTube no-cookie

When we embed YouTube videos in our website, we use a privacy-enhancing feature that prevents the service from collecting information for the purpose of serving personalized content to the viewer.

If you wish to learn more about the YouTube no-cookie privacy feature, please visit Youtube Privacy-enhanced Mode.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service owned and operated by Google that is widely used to analyze the performance of websites. Google Analytics uses Statistics cookies.

We may use Google Analytics to learn how much traffic our website is receiving, how our visitors interact with its various elements and how they use its services.

If you want to help us improve our website, by allowing us to use Google Analytics, please use Cookiebot to consent to our use of Statistics cookies.

“What is a cookie?” is a video provided on YouTube by the Dutch company Digital Power.

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